Official AnimePvP Store       

Please view the Ranks tab to see all the in game Ranks that you can buy to enhance your gameplay in the server.

The AnimePvP Network is being maintained and kept alive using our own money so we'd really appreciate any donations to help our server grow and improve.

The Donations that we will be receiving will strictly be ONLY for the development of the server and will not be used for anything unrelated  to the server itself.

Donations helps us add more features, plugins, map expansions, custom weapons, enchantments, and many more improvements!    

The AnimePvP Network was found by Shayne Bauzon along with some of his good friends who helped  him throughout the construction of the server

Thank you and enjoy your stay at AnimePvP <3


  • Please wait 5-10 minutes for a purchased package to appear in-game.
  • All payments and packages are processed automatically by Buycraft.
  • Enter your Minecraft name EXACTLY with the correct capitalization.
  • PayPal and GCash are the only payment options that is currently available. Credit and debit are accepted by PayPal.
  • All players, including donators, must follow server rules. You will be punished/banned if you are caught breaking the rules. Donators are not exempted from bans.
  • You cannot lose your rank if you have paid for it.
  • Ranks are non-transferrable
  • We do not offer refunds, NO EXCEPTIONS.